Premium Pigtails
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January 8th, 2020



Our premium low loss range of pigtails are suitable for telecom, datacom, data center and some critical applications. The pigtails provide 900 µm  buffered fiber for ease of handling in fiber management such as panels, splice cassettes and wall boxes.

The pigtails are terminated with premium range  physical contact (single mode & multimode) and angled physical contact (single mode) zirconia ferrule connectors which are manufactured with precision factory mounting and polishing techniques which helps assure high transmission quality

  • Exceed  IEC performance requirements
  • Easy to strip pigtails for on site installation
  • Available in different fiber types
  • Available with different connector types
  • Provided in individual packaging or in packs of 12 x color easy strip pigtails as per IEC 60304
  • Tight buffer or Easy Strip buffer low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) material with 900 micron diameter
  • REACH & SvHC compliant
  • Materials compliant to RoHS2
  • Patch panels, wall boxes, ODFs and splice cassettes
  • Enterprise
  • Datacom
  • LAN and WAN
  • FTTX
  • Broadband network
IL (maximum - factory tested) 0.15 dB 0.15 dB IEC 61300-3-4
Average/Random 0.12 dB 0.10 dB IEC 61300-3-34
Return Loss (Min) 55/65 dB 20 dB* IEC 61300-3-6

*Return Loss based on sample data

Cable Specification

Crush N/100 mm 500
Operating Temperature °C -20 to 60
Stripping Length - Easy Strip m 1.5 minimum
Stripping Length - Tight buffer mm 30 nominal
Nominal buffer Diameter µm 900 ± 50
Max Tensile Load N 6
Ordering information
Code   Fibre Type   Cable Type   Fiber Count   Code   Color   Grade   Connector   Code   Unit   Length
P   9 G.652D    AA Easy Strip   1 Single Pigtail   L   6 WHITE   P   AX LC   -0000- Single Pigtail   M Meters   1 1
    7 G.657A1   AC Tight Buffered   B Pack of 12        H 12 Colours       BX LCA   -0002- 12 in one Bag         2 2
    1 OM1                             DX SC                  
    2 OM2                             EX SCA                  
    3 OM3                             HX FC                  
    4 OM4                             JX FCA                  
                                    KX ST                  
Legacy Ordering Information
Connector End   Fiber Type   Cable Configuration   Cable Length   Cable Construction    
FC FC   09 OS1/OS2   B   1 1 metre   Leave
Tight Buffer   -P
LC LC   62 OM1       2 2 metre   EASY Easy strip    
SC SC   50 OM2             -12/1B Tight Buffer - Pack of 12 colours    
ST ST   OM3 OM3             E-12/1B Easy strip - Pack of 12 colours    
FCA FC/A   OM4 OM4                    
LCA LC/A   7A1 G.657A1                    
SCA SC/A                          

Example Part Number

SC   09   B   1   -P

This part number has created a premium 1 metre SC SM white pigtail.