Enhanced Cabled Pigtails
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September 18th, 2019



Enhanced cabled pigtails use a ruggedised 2 or 3 mm jacket that allows more robust handling while still being suitable for splicing or field termination.Our enhanced cabled pigtails are manufactured according to IEC, EIA/TIA or Telecordia standards and are used for telecom networks, high speed metropolitan and access network.

  • Can be fed through tight spaces and spliced or terminated
  • Does not need to be protected inside a panel
  • Wide range of connector and fiber options available
  • Tight buffer 900 µm buffer internal construction as standard (Easy Strip available on request)
  • Standard cable diameters are 2 mm (LC and MU) and 3 mm (SC, ST and FC)
  • Other cable diameters and fiber types available on request
  • REACH, RoHS & SvHC materials compliant
  • Passive Optical Network PON
  • WDM / DWDM
  • FTTH
  • Data centers - Supports high speed multi channel video, data and voice services in metropolitan and access networks
  • ATM, SONET and WDM

Connector Specification

IL Max/Master (Acceptance) 0.25 dB 0.25 dB IEC 61300-3-4
Ave/Master 0.18 dB 0.15 dB IEC 61300-3-4
Ave/Random 0.18 dB 0.20 dB IEC 61300-3-34
Return Loss* 55/65 dB >28 dB IEC 61300-3-6

Note: Multimode Return Loss >28 dB based on sample data using method IEC 61300-3-6

Cable Specification

Cable Material LSZH
Strength Member Aramid
Crush (N) 1000
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 to 60
Fire Specification IEC 60332-1

*Cable materials to suit alternate fire specifications on request

Ordering information
Code   Fibre Type   Cable Type   Color   Grade   Connector   Code   Unit   Length
P   9 G.652D    AH1L Simplex 2mm   2 ORANGE   E   AX LC   -0000-   M Meters   1 1
    7 G.657A1   AK1L Simplex 3mm   9 YELLOW       BX LCA       F Feet   2 2
    8 G.657A2   AQ2L Zip Duplex 2mm   C AQUA       DX SC             3 3
    1 OM1   AT2L Zip Duplex 3mm   D ERIKA VIOLET       EX SCA             5 5
    2 OM2   AU2L Flat Duplex 1.8mm             HX FC             10 10
    3 OM3   AV2L Flat Duplex 2.8mm             JX FCA             XX Specify
    4 OM4                   KX ST                
                          SX MU                
Legacy Ordering Information


 Connector End A   XX   Mode   Cable Configuration   Cable Colour   Cable Length
FC FC       09 OS1/OS2   S Simplex   YE Yellow   1 1 meter
FCA FC/APC       7A1 G.657A1   D Duplex   OR Orange   2 2 meter
SC  SC       7A2 G.657A2   FD Flat Duplex   AQ Aqua   3 3 meter
SCA  SC/APC       OM1 OM1         EV Erika Violet   5 5 meter
ST  ST       OM2 OM2               10 10 meter
LC LC       OM3 OM3               xx Specify
LCA LCA       OM4 OM4                  
MU MU                            


Example Part Number

SC   XX   09   S   YE   3

This part number has created a 3 meter simplex SC OS1/OS2 cabled pigtail in yellow.