10 Reasons Why AFL Hyperscale Should Be Helping You with Your Data Center Cabling and Connectivity
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January 8th, 2020

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AFL Hyperscale is the first cabling and connectivity solution provider focused on the ever-evolving needs of data centers. Here is a list of 10 reasons why AFL Hyperscale can transform the way you think about your data center physical layer.


1. We are bringing automation to the physical layer: AFL Hyperscale have the technology to enable cross-connections to be made remotely. For colocation that means bringing new customers online in seconds rather than hours or days and being able to connect existing customers to new services at the touch of a button. For hyperscale this means an intelligent physical layer that can reduce port redundancy or create secure reliable connections to laboratory, Edge and POP networks. All in, this technology takes data centers one step closer to being truly ‘lights out’.

2. We do ultra-high density better than anybody else: We can fit 6912 fibers in a 30mm diameter cable, ensuring that data center ducts and pathways can be fully utilized. When working with such high fiber counts, you need fiber management to easily land, manage and splice the cable. We design and build wall cabinets, ODFs, and enclosures for high fiber counts that, in turn, have transformed the possibilities for data center cluster/campus interconnection and backbone cabling.

3. We have a big, supportive family: Our grandparent company is Fujikura, the pioneer in ribbon splicing technology, the largest manufacturer of MT ferrules for MTP/MPO connectors and one of the largest manufacturers of optical fiber in the world. Our parent company is AFL – AFL focus on innovation that provides optimum value and total cost savings to its customers. This approach has built AFL’s reputation as a market leader for cable and fiber test and inspection equipment, and means that AFL Hyperscale can offer something that nobody else can: a full end-to-end connectivity solution.

4. Our solutions save time and money on a hyper scale (pardon the pun): Single fiber splicing 6912 fibers would take roughly 308 hours. Fujikura's 6912 fiber SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) cable takes just 28 hours through mass-fusion splicing 12 fibers at a time – a 90% time saving! To put that into context, we are taking what would have been 40 8 hour working days down to less than 3.5 working days...high density networks can be installed quicker than ever and our SWR cable won’t give you sticky fiber hand tools!

5. What you need, when you need it: From a mission critical cross-connection required tomorrow, to a hall’s worth of multi-fiber Cca pre-terms in 2 weeks. Across the globe, we have 11 group manufacturing locations with the capability to scale from small, focused runs, to large scale manufacturing (elastic operations - just like a data center). Our customers are further supported by a stellar Partner Network of Distributors and Installers that assure our customers receive excellent customer service, fast delivery, and a quality install.

6. Fast manufacturing: We have the capacity to terminate up to 44 million single fiber connections per annum, and this number is growing year on year. That equates to roughly 3 LC connectors every 2 seconds or 3 duplex patch cords by the time you have finished reading this.

7. Hyperspeed service: we can manufacture custom length multi-fiber pre-terminated assemblies and, depending on location, deliver on the same day.

8. Global customers require global support: We have sales offices in 8 different countries with a sales team covering 25 different languages. Last year alone, we sold our products into 96 different countries. Wherever you are, rest assured we can help.

9. Experience and expertise: AFL Hyperscale combines the market experience of AFL and Fujikura, who have been in the market for a combined 170 years. Fujikura have been a pioneer in the fiber market place since 1976 when they achieved the world’s lowest attenuation record of 0.47dB/km.

10. Network design for hyperscale and colocation: Our Solutions Engineering team can assist you in designing an efficient and scalable data center network that meets regional regulations and industry standards. Our Solution Engineers look at everything from outside to inside plant, handling all aspects from fiber density to network speed.


If you haven’t spoken to AFL Hyperscale before, we can assist you with your data center cabling and connectivity in ways you didn’t think possible - get in touch today.