MPO Connector Cleaning and Connection Instructions
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January 8th, 2020

1. Keep dust cap on connector until ready to connect, remove dust cap prior to inspection and installation

2. Use a fibre inspection probe to inspect the end face of the connector before installation to ensure there is no contamination. If no contamination is found move to step 5 and connect immediately.

3. Clean the end face of connector one with one of the following methods:

A MPO cleaning

Use an MPO cleaning cassette. Apply light pressure and wipe the connector on the cleaning surface. This method is suitable for male or female MPO connectors (Male MPO connectors require a cassette with space for the guide pins).

B MPO Cleaning

Caution: To eliminate risk of scratches on the end face, always use fresh (previously unused) wipes.

Wet a small area of lint free cleaning wipes with >99% isopropyl alcohol. Starting at the wet area apply light pressure and wipe the connector into the dry area. This method is suitable for female MPO connectors only.

Always clean the connector from top to bottom, not side to side as shown in the following picture:

E MPO Clean

C MPO Cleaning

Use an appropriate click-cleaner with a built in or separate adaptor. 1 click is recommended.


4. Check the end face of the connector by repeating step 2. 

5. Once satisfied that the connector is free of contamination or defects, immediately install the connector into the adaptor or transceiver.

6. Attach the MPO connector into the adaptor by aligning the key with the keyway on the adaptor. Push in the connector until it “clicks” into place. 

D MPO Cleaning



- Do not attempt to connect two Male connectors. This may damage the end face.
- Do not connect two Female connectors to each other. They will not align sufficiently for signal continuity.
- Do not attempt to connect a flat polish MPO to an angled polish MPO. This may damage the end face. When using angled polish MPO connectors, only use keyway up to keyway down adaptors.

NOTE: Whenever you are reconnecting a connector, refer to cleaning instructions