13824 Fiber Mass Splice Frame
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January 27th, 2020


The Mass Splice and Route Cabinet provides scalable and high density splicing capability. The cabinet is ideal for splicing outside plant incoming cables carrying up to 13824f  into indoor backbone 288f segments. The cabinet houses up to 48 splice trays that are easy to splice fiber into with splice points close to breakout cables. The splice trays have over 1.2m (~4ft) of slack storage at the incoming and outgoing cable ends which combined with the transition units allows for quick installs and breakout of 288f. Coupled with SWR cable and high density patching frames ( HCF-001), the cabinet provides an efficient and cost effective upgrade path from 192f breakouts.

  • Fast deployment of 288f breakout
  • Supports incoming fiber cables with 3456f, 1728f or 288f
  • Transition modules and splice trays can be added as breakout requirements increase
  • Ideal for core networks or splice and break out applications
  • 23.6” (600mm W) x 11.8” (300mm D) Foot Print
  • 2,200mm Height (7’2”)
  • Accommodates up to 13,824f ribbon splicing
  • 4 separate splicing areas each holding 3,456 fibers
  • Fiber entry points from top of cabinet
  • One click mounting 288f Mass Splice Tray
  • One-Click Mounting Splice Tray
  • Floor stand capable for both overhead cable and raised floor environment (10,368f only)
  • Mounting holes and cable entry provide flexibility in placing cabinets on floor
  • Core Network rooms
  • Slice and breakout of outside plant cable
  • Hyperscale Datacenter
Dimension 2,240(H) X 600(W) X 300 (D)
Maximum fiber count 13,824
Cable entry TOP
Material Cold Rolled Steel
Material thickness Main Frame 2mm
Material coating Powder coating
Color Black
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Compliant to RoHS, Reach/SVHC
Ordering information
HCF-MAX13824F 13824 fiber High Density Frame
SPLICETRAY288F 288f Splice tray
HCF-BB-3456f 3456f cable breakout module
HCF-BB-1728f 1728f cable breakout module
HCF-BB-288f 288f cable breakout module